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Automatic Honey Bottling Machine

Automatic honey bottling machine can fill various honey products, such as sophora nectar, rose nectar, donkey hide gelatin honey and other products.

The honey bottling machine has significant advantages in both performance and design. The honey bottling equipment is well-made and comes with a variety of additional functions, making operation, precision error control, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning and maintenance easier and more convenient. The honey bottling equipment uses a stainless steel gearbox, which is fast and efficient, and has an intelligent control system. You can adjust the filling volume or change varieties by simply setting on the touch screen.

Automatic Honey Bottling Machine

The honey bottling line also has temperature tracking density compensation technology for higher accuracy. The honey bottling equipment supports free conversion between mass and volume filling modes, and has a fast and slow two-speed filling function to prevent liquid spillage. The honey bottling line operates stably and reliably. The honey bottling equipment adopts Siemens PLC and touch screen human-machine dialogue interface, making the operation simple and easy to learn.

In addition, the honey bottling machine can also be combined with automatic labeling machine, automatic carton sealing machine, and heat shrink machine to form fully automatic honey filling production line to achieve efficient production.

Honey bottling machines help honey processing manufacturers, improving production efficiency and reducing costs.

Technical Parameters:
Model ST-GZ-8
Filling heads 8
Applicable spece 50~1000g
Production ability 2000-2500 bottles/hour
Filling accuracy < ±1%
Power 380V
Electricity power 4.5 Kw
Requirements compressed air pressure 0.4 ~ 0.6 Mpa
Speed control Frequency control
LAN noise 50dB acuities
Machine dimension 2400x1200x2300 (mm)
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