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Body Lotion Filling Machine

Body lotion filling machine is specially used to thick liquid products (such as shower gel, shampoo, laundry detergent, body lotion, etc.) for packaging equipment. Because the body lotion is a high-viscosity substance, body lotion bottling machine is generally used in the way of pressure filling.

Body Lotion Filling Machine

Body lotion filling equipment is suitable for bottles and containers of various specifications and can meet the needs of different customers. The body lotion filling line can realize automatic bottle feeding, automatic filling, automatic sealing and other functions, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs.

The body lotion bottling machine adopts a precise metering system to ensure that the quantity of shampoo in each container is accurate, ensuring product quality and stability. The body lotion filling equipment has a friendly human-machine interface and operating system, allowing operators to easily master the use and maintenance skills of the equipment.

Body Lotion Filling Machine

Sunter Machinery not only provide body lotion filling equipment, but also other auxiliary equipment, such as: bottle unscramblers, capping machines, coding machines, labeling machines, cartoning machines, palletizers, etc. Sunter Machinery can add or reduce auxiliary equipment according to your needs without any impact on the body lotion filling line.

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