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Ginger Garlic Paste Filling Machine

The ginger garlic paste filling machine is specially used for automatic filling of various garlic paste products. Garlic paste filling machines usually use piston quantitative methods and integrate electromechanical and pneumatic technologies to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the filling process.

Ginger Garlic Paste Filling Machine

The ginger paste filling machine is also equipped with a touch screen and PLC control system, which makes the operation easier and also facilitates the maintenance of the equipment.

The ginger paste filling line is suitable for containers of different specifications and shapes, allowing it to adapt to diverse packaging needs. From tempeh sauce to spicy sauce, to complex sauces containing solid particles, chili sauce filling machines provide efficient and hygienic packaging solutions.

Garlic Paste Filling Machine Working Principle:

First, the ginger garlic paste is heated to the appropriate temperature and fluidity, and then transported to the filling head through a pipeline. During the filling process, the garlic sauce filling equipment uses the principle of negative pressure suction to fill. When the disc of the filling head rotates, a sealed space is formed between the filling head and the valve opening. Then the disc contacts the bottle mouth, forming a negative pressure in the bottle, and the chili sauce is sucked into the bottle.

Ginger Garlic Paste Filling Machine

For the food industry, these garlic paste filling production lines not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure product quality and safety.

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