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Honey Bottle Filling Sealing Machine

Honey bottle filling sealing machine is a device specially used to quickly and accurately fill liquid materials such as honey into various containers, including plastic bottles and glass bottles. The honey bottle filling machine can not only improve the accuracy and speed of honey filling, but also reduce labor costs, reduce interference from human factors, and ensure the hygiene and quality of honey.

Honey Bottle Filling Sealing Machine

Honey Bottle Filling Machine Structure:

The structure of the honey bottle filling equipment includes filling system, sealing system, capping system and transmission system.

1. The filling system is responsible for transporting honey from large barrels to small bottles to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of filling.

2. The sealing system is responsible for sealing the bottle mouth after filling is completed to ensure the quality and hygiene of honey.

Honey Bottle Filling Sealing Machine

3. The capping system is responsible for tightening the bottle cap to prevent honey from leaking.

4. The conveying system is responsible for conveying the bottles to the next process to achieve automated production.

The working principle of the honey bottle filling machine mainly involves the transmission system, actuator, control system and body part. The transmission system transmits power and motion to various actuators, control components and auxiliary mechanisms to ensure the normal operation of the honey filling machine.

Honey Bottle Filling Sealing Machine Video:

Technical Parameters:
Model ST-GZ-8
Filling heads 8
Applicable spece 50~1000g
Production ability 2000-2500 bottles/hour
Filling accuracy < ±1%
Power 380V
Electricity power 4.5 Kw
Requirements compressed air pressure 0.4 ~ 0.6 Mpa
Speed control Frequency control
LAN noise 50dB acuities
Machine dimension 2400x1200x2300 (mm)
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