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Honey Filling Machine

Honey filling machine is suitable for filling high viscosity materials, such as honey, honey grapefruit tea, jam, maltose syrup, fructose syrup, baking syrup, flavored syrup, honey lemon tea, honey flower nectar and other products.

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Honey Filling Machine Introduction:

Honey filling machine is suitable for the filling of high viscosity materials, such as all kinds of pure honey, molasses, concentrated honey grapefruit tea and other products.

Honey filling line adopts volumetric method, so that the filling accuracy reaches ±1%, and there is no need to control the system due to frequent temperature changes. When filling, the filling head is extended into the bottle, so that the liquid will not splash out, the filling nozzle rises slowly with the liquid level, and the filling head has a special locking device, so that the filling nozzle will not drip after filling.

Honey filling line with fast cleaning, quick adjustment, volumetric metering pump action stepless speed regulation. Honey filling machine adopts intelligent control system, adjust the load, or change the variety only need to be set on the touch screen.

Technical Parameters:
Model ST-GZ-8
Filling heads 8
Applicable spece 50~1000g
Production ability 2000-2500 bottles/hour
Filling accuracy < ±1%
Power 380V
Electricity power 4.5 Kw
Requirements compressed air pressure 0.4 ~ 0.6 Mpa
Speed control Frequency control
LAN noise 50dB acuities
Machine dimension 2400x1200x2300 (mm)


Fillable Materials:

Honey, a natural product made by honey bees (Apis mellifera), is a nutritious, healthful food component with a widely diverse composition that depends on the botanic or geographic location.

Honey Filling Machine

Applicable bottle types:

Since there are so many different kinds honey, there are also many different kinds of honey bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, square bottles, round bottles, irregular bottles etc.

Honey Filling Machine

Honey Filling Machine Video:

Honey Bottling Machine Video

Honey Filling Capping Machine Video

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