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Hot Sauce Filling Machine

Hot sauce filling machine is suitable for filling chili sauce, black bean sauce, beef sauce, seafood sauce and other sauces; making an indispensable equipment in the food processing industry.

The hot sauce filling line is made of stainless steel to meet food safety standards and can handle a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. The hot sauce bottling machine adopts servo motor control, PLC programming and touch screen operation interface to ensure high precision and filling efficiency.

Hot Sauce Filling Machine

In addition, the hot sauce bottling machine is equipped with an automatic cleaning system and an anti-drip design to maintain the hygiene and efficiency of the production process.

Hot Sauce Filling Machine Workflow:

When using a hot sauce filling machine, you first need to pour the hot sauce into the hopper or container of the hot sauce bottling machine through the conveying system.

The hot sauce then passes through a flow control device, such as a metering pump, flow regulating valve or screw feeder; to determine the amount of each filling, ensuring that the same filling amount is obtained in each bottle or container.

Hot Sauce Filling Machine

Next, the hot sauce enters the filling head, which usually includes one or more pipes or nozzles. The nozzles open or close according to preset parameters and control signals to fill the hot sauce into the target container.

Sunter Machinery provides more customized hot sauce filling line solutions to meet different production needs.

Hot Sauce Filling Line Video:

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