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Motor Oil Filling Machine

The motor oil filling machine can automatically complete the filling and packaging of viscous liquid materials such as engine oil, motor oil, lubricant oil, engine oil and gear oil.

This motor oil filling machine is equipped with a digital adjustment instrument and PLC microcomputer program control. The lubricant oil filling machine has the characteristics of high filling accuracy, convenient adjustment and easy operation. In addition, the lubricant oil filling machine is also equipped with automatic induction capping machine, vacuum anti-drip device and other devices to ensure the stability of the filling process and product quality.

Motor Oil Filling Machine

The lubricant oil filling machine adopts advanced metering system and control system, which can achieve high-precision filling and ensure the accurate amount of lubricating oil in each container.

The motor oil filling machine can not only perform filling operations, but can also be equipped with capping machines, capping machines, labeling machines and other equipment to realize automated production line operations and reduce manual intervention.

Motor Oil Filling Machine


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