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Tomato Paste Filling Machine

Tomato paste filling machine adopts positive displacement piston pump for filling, high filling precision, long service life, high temperature resistance and so on. In addition, the number of filling heads, packaging bottle type and production capacity of the tomato paste filling machine can be customized according to specific needs.

Tomato Paste Filling Machine

When using tomato paste filling equipment , the operator needs to unpack the box first to ensure that it is intact; the electronic components are complete, the lines are connected reliably, and there is no debris in the bunker. Then follow the correct procedure to start the ketchup filling line and pour the material into the bin.

In order to extend the service life of tomato paste filling equipment, regular maintenance and maintenance are required. This includes cleaning the equipment, checking whether the components are working properly; and replacing worn parts in a timely manner.

Tomato Paste Filling Machine

Tomato paste filling production line is usually composed of several key parts, such as feeding system, filling system, sealing system and control system. The feed system is responsible for the steady and continuous delivery of tomato paste from the storage tank to the filling system. The tomato paste filling system accurately fills each container according to the parameters set. The sealing system is responsible for sealing the container after filling to ensure the quality of the ketchup during transportation and storage.

Tomato paste filling line has important application value in food industry, which can greatly improve the filling efficiency and accuracy of tomato paste; reduce production cost and improve product quality.

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